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  Today every man who has a computer, longs to have his own card, since it is one of main composes of image advertising. The coming of an average man to the printing works has immediately lowered a general level of its culture. Everything is over flooded with monsters of the cards - illiterate, clumsy and simply disgusting.
You want to receive the card of a high rate?
What's the problem? Pay.
You do not have extra money? It is not necessary.
The way out for you will be materials of our server.

You want to receive a beautiful and elegant thing.

Firstly, some widespread programs. Namely Adobe PageMaker (or Quark Express), CorelDraw (or Adobe Illustrator) and Adobe Photoshop. It is a small gentlemen's set, which is required for making cards. But it is possible to do with only one publishing program. We work in Adobe PageMaker.

There are no strict norms in choosing a format of the card, at least in Russia. But the format 5090 mm is habitual and popular. Business card (further BC) can be horizontal or vertical. It depends only on your will and imagination.
And what about exotic formats? As much as you will.
When there is a need to give the maximum and complete information on firm or person, one has to make a card of the increased size with a vertical or horizontal bend on it. Rather interesting is a card-folder, which purpose - the maximum of no information, but artistry, when the usage of pictures, photos, caricatures is allowed. There are cards of the special design - one of the sides is closed on "lock". In general, the originality suffices...

The area of BC, you agree, is small and do not aspire to use each of its millimeters. One should mark the most important things. Namely, basic characters of the card. The Person and Firm is a basis. Which is more important - first or second - is for you to decide, but someone should be the leader.

THE PERSON is submitted on BC by three blocks of the text responding on questions: name, occupation (where - this information follows from the description of FIRM), how to contact. Simple? Well, we have not begun working yet.
The first stop on the traditional forms of submission the Person's name. In Russia this word order is traditional: the surname, first name, patronymic name, and in the west - name, surname. It is a trifle so long as Russian words will not be placed on BC, made out on the basis of western text. Here thickness of symbols (Latin font is narrower) plays the large role and the average length of Russian words (it is much longer then western). If you are making BC in two variants, begin with Russian.

THE FIRM somewhat is also the Person, not natural, but juridical. The basic information on Firm is divided on representational and business. A firm's logo, trade mark, colour, character of design create general impression, style. The business part is reflected by the complete official name, address, telephone, telex, fax and other data of channels of communication. Everything is clear too? And what about business "space" of the Firm - its branches and representatives, its partners?
Having looked on it from this side it is possible to offer original decisions. A range: from the table with the complete information on everyone and everything and up to flags of the appropriate countries. Occasionally the motto (slogan) of the firm, brief description of directions of its activity is placed on BC.

It is possible to tell: how many BC, so many of fonts. There can be no any restrictions here. But - on one BC - one font. Second is possible, if it concerns a logo or trade mark, i.e. is a part of firm style. One more admission - to write a name by a calligraphic font.
The question is rightful: if there is only one font, how to make the markings in the text. Using only different spellings and points. Today in west they began to depart from ascetic fonts. But no anarchy and willfulness. Everything is allowed, which is paradoxical, but is uniform in style. Let's not be unfounded and address to font practice.
How to write a name: by capital, small letters or combining them? Advice: take into account, that main thing in BC - Firm or Person, the length of a word. You will not be mistaken, if choose any from these variants:

Name Patronymic

Name Patronymic

And this is wrong:


The Person is not only name, but also occupation, post, rank. Therefore your decision should be simultaneously acceptable for all information on the man. The good results are given by using not different fonts, but different spellings and points of one font:

Name Patronymic

Post Rank

Interesting is a problem how to write the Phone. The word "phone" is written by small letters, it is better with a capital letter: "Phone". It is possible by italics - "Phone", and in spacing- "P h o n e", but such decisions should be justified by general design of BC.
The figures of telephone number have the greater value, than word.
The characteristic look to the number is given not by figures, but by their grouping and intervals between figures.
It is necessary to be limited by the simple offers in most cases:

227-86-26, 227 86 26, 227 8626, 2278626.

It is possible to look for more complicated decision, but in unskillful hands the results are not very comforting:

227*86*26; 227/86/26.

Do not forget about an opportunity of marking the number as whole with the help of semibold figures: phone: 227 86 26
All said above concerns telex and fax.
By the way, whether it is necessary to have BC with a home telephone number? It is not very convenient, but one can write it by hand when necessary.

While typing the card it is necessary to take into account the numerous typographical traditions which have appeared before the computers.

It is put after a full stop, semicolon, colon, interrogative and exclamation marks (and their combinations), at the end of a phrase, after closing brackets, slash and inverted commas.
Before an opening bracket, inverted comma and dots (if it opens the sentence).
A long hyphen is surrounded by the blanks (in English it is not surrounded).

While using italics or semibold marking in the text, remember the following rules:
1. The inverted commas should be of the same outline, as allocated text.
2. The brackets which surround an allocated fragment have an outline of the body text.
3. On a joint of the direct and italic text a bracket is always direct.
4. The punctuation marks following the allocated fragment, remain direct.

The printing interests us only on the one hand: the print should cause feeling of admiration.
WE do not put the purpose to tell you about the process of duplicating and typographical printing of BC before ourselves. One who is able to work in g r, is quite in force to create the good original model of the card. As well as to print out small circulation on office printer of a format 4 While printing your creation there will be some questions.

Material of the card. Paper or cardboard?
BC on the writing paper is not what we need. It should be hard.
But choosing thick paper or thin cardboard, do not miss a basic thing - surface: smooth or relief (chased), shiny or mat, white or colored in general.
An obligatory condition - good readability of the smallest font. Be not mistaken choosing a relief of paper: the large relief as it is looked perfectly, but at a small format and fine text BC looks a little clumsy.
Avoid ink-jet printers printing on a relief paper.

Modular grid
Let's set a format 5090 mm for our BC. This size becomes a basis of a modular grid placed on a page - template. The printed sheet of the printer has a format 4 or 297210 mm.
Let's have a little of mathematics: 210: 90 = 2 BC's + 30 mm for the fields;
297:50 = 6 BC's + 3 mm for the fields; such fields are technically impossible, therefore 5 BC's + 47 mm for the fields.
Totally we receive 10 BC's of the 4 format. And who prevents you to set 2, 10, 20 copies. This circulation for the employee of a small firm is quite sufficient.

Now you have to collect all these items of information together, to build a composition (about what read in section BASIS OF DESIGN and to print it out.

We wish you every success and unlimited imagination!

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